Hello There!

Thanks for visiting and I hope very much that you are getting your rocks off here. I’m Katy and I love making jewellery with colourful semi-precious stones. Hopefully you will like it so much you will want one of my pieces for yourself.

I like things done a little differently and because I am quite loud I like my jewellery to be individual and stand out from the crowd. I’m inspired by my love of loud rock music, faraway places, odd friends and colours and stones that make me go “oooh”. All of these pieces are bespoke, individual and have been lovingly crafted by my not so fair hand.

I hope you enjoy having a little peruse here and if anything catches your eye or inspires you for something you’d like please get in touch. If you want to be kept updated with new bits and bobs and general thoughts from a slightly mad jewellery maker then check out my Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on my news section where I will bring you up to speed with everything that is rocking at Kitty Kat Rocks.

Anyway….. thanks for coming, I hope you like it. See you soon!


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